Transparent PayPage Fee Structure

At PayPage, we believe that fee structure transparency is extremely important to ensure trust between us and our amazing community.

Saturday is ABSOLUTELY FREE of Service fees - Yes, you’ve heard that right, it’s on us. Enjoy!

2.95% Service Fee*

The service fee allows us to upgrade PayPage everyday and it’s underlying technology constantly - by developing new requested/voted features, adding cutting-edge marketing efforts, improving our overall performance, innovating and making sure that your PayPage experience improves so that you get the best possible return on investment on our platform.

1% + 30¢ Processing Fee*

This is the typical processing fee that we are charged to process the transaction and may range approximately between 1-2% for each side, this depends on the transaction size. This way, it’s less of a burden for both payer and recipient.

*The service fee and the processing fee are taken from each side just like popular companies like airbnb - in order to lessen the fee burden for both parties.

We improve PayPage so that you can make more money.

We are committed to our mission: making it easy for you to make money - thus our fee structure is in place in order to ensure a strong foundation for continuous innovation and improvement of tools that will make you, creators, freelancers, and artists, thrive.