Awesome Frequently Asked Question

Refunds and Guarantee

PayPage has established a fair and simple system in order to bode well with influencers and their subscribers.

For influencers: Your subscribers cannot request refunds but can cancel anytime.

For subscribers: You can cancel anytime and there aren’t any contacts to sign.

As this is a supporter service, there are no guarantees or refunds offered.

How long does it take to set up my PayPage

Setting up a Payage takes less than 7 seconds. Just enter your email and chose your PayPage name - then just follow the simple steps.

What are the transaction fees?

Just like on major services such as AirBnB, we take 5% from each side.

What are the total fees?

The total fee is made of the service fee plus the processing fees (Normally around 3%)

What are the restricted things to sell on my PayPage?

You cannot sell anything unethical or adult-related, sensitive subject, etc...

What is this saturday commission half day thing?

We allow you to save 50% on all commissions every saturday - it's a way for us of saying thank you.

How long does it take to get my pay out?

Payouts are done on each saturday via Paypal

What are the payment methods to my bank account?

You can use Paypal to transfer to your bank account.

What happens if a fan wants to refund?

Fans cannot get a refund - Instead they can cancel their membership.

How can fans unsubscribe?

They log in - and in their money section they have a Cancel button

Is there a fan subscription limit?

There is no fan subscription limit.

How can I chat with my followers?

On the sidebar - you can chose any fan and start a conversation.

Can I see my visitor history forever?

Yes - we make it easy for you to analyze what works and how to get more subscribers.

Can I change my PayPage name after I created it?

Yes - you can change it 3 times.

How does the $750 Affiliate program work?

Log into your account and follow the instructions - it's as easy as copy pasting a link.

Do I need to have design skills to create my PayPage?

Zero skills are required, simply copy paste your PayPage link to video and social posts.

Do I need to have coding knowledge?

Zero coding skills are required.

What coutries are accepted with PayPage?

Major European and American countries currently are accepted.

How often are my stats updated?

They are live - refresh all you want.

How can I increase my paid subscriber count?

Follow the optimization checklist - we laid out all of the best practices to get more revenue from your fans.

How often do payments pass?

Fans make a monthly contribution - thus every 30 days.

Can fans increase and decrease their memberships?

They can cancel their membership and subscribe to a new one.