About Us

PayPage is a fintech influencer payment platform startup founded by Mark Bruk in 2016.

Our mission

If running a channel is not hard enough already, why should it be difficult to accept credit card payments from your most amazing social subscribers and followers?

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for content creators to accept payments from from their most devoted fans - Paypage makes it a breeze. There’s nothing to set up, no code to learn. Our team’s aspiration is to induce simplicity into everything we introduce in PayPage.

Our vision

We imagine a world where any content creator gets uplifted by their most devoted fans. It’s a world of freedom and mutual appreciation that engages a positive feedback loop for the following stakeholders: the creators, their subscribers, the viewers and the content quality. It will all trickle down into an amazing mesh of betterment, the more subscribers support their creators, the more quality content will be generated, and so on - everyone wins.

Our commitment

Our team is strongly devoted to our tripe-S concept: simplicity, service and satisfaction. We strive to deliver the absolute best service possible to our users, making them satisfied, all the while experiencing the simplest experience possible.

About the Founder

PayPage was brainstormed by Mark Bruk back in 2016 while working on his other startup JobMap - it was initially an idea that was shelved, but eventually, as time became available, Mark decided to reignite his passion towards his vision of a simple payment platform for influencers. After receiving love money for the project, PayPage was born again.

Mark has worked with countless of software engineers to bring together multiple large scale organically grown projects from file transfers to media conversion services and from job search platforms to fintech and crowdfunding platforms - Mark has seen it all. His experience started back in 1997 when his first website was created, since then, he has fallen in love with the web and created his first business at the age of 16 - a small web hosting service - that quickly evolved into a bottomless pit of passion towards web design & development, project management, growth hacking and creative scaling & engineering. After working with more than 160+ software engineers, Mark has decided to put all of his knowledge and experience together to bring yet another project to life and impact the world in the most positive way possible: PayPage.

On his spare time, Mark is constantly learning from audiobooks while walking or driving to the gym, cooking, drawing, and spending time growing JobMap and PayPage.

You can find him on Twitter @bruk_mark and via LinkedIn @titansolaris