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Every Saturday we half the commission

Yes, you read that right, every Saturday, the commission fee is 50% less expensive than on normal days. It's our way of saying Thanks.

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Our mission is to make you more money and being the least expensive for hard working creators is key.

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Don't worry about PCI Compliance, refunds, charge-backs and other payment processing programming & compliance.

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We invested tons of ressources to decompexify accepting payments from fans.

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Popular Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up my PayPage

Setting up a Payage takes less than 7 seconds. Just enter your email and chose your PayPage name - then just follow the simple steps.

What are the transaction fees?

Just like on major services such as AirBnB, we take 5% from each side.

What are the total fees?

The total fee is made of the service fee plus the processing fees (Normally around 3%)

What are the restricted things to sell on my PayPage?

You cannot sell anything unethical or adult-related, sensitive subject, etc...

What is this saturday commission half day thing?

We allow you to save 50% on all commissions every saturday - it's a way for us of saying thank you.

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